Beach Inspired School Supplies

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I can’t believe it’s almost back to school time! While we’re still soaking up the rays and the warm temps over here on the northeast coast, many of you are getting ready to send your kiddos back to the classroom. (Why do the summer months go by so much faster than winter?? Whyyyyyy?) School doesn’t start up again here until September, but if you’re like me and a total office and school supply nerd, you’re probably always browsing for some new goodies to add to your stash. I haven’t seen the inside of a classroom in Y-E-A-R-S, but I have enough pens, pencils, notebooks and colorful paper clips to last a lifetime and then some. It’s probably also obvious that I’m a beach-loving girl who really isn’t ever ready to part with summer. But, beach inspired school supplies? Sign. Me. Up. Here are a few ideas from Minted to bring the beach back to school.

Beach Inspired School Supplies

Custom Journals

These customizable journals are awesome. Besides personalizing them with your name, you can choose which type of layout you want for the interior pages. Minted offers a journal and notebook layout with lined pages, an address book layout or a calendar layout. You can even choose a weekly or monthly grid for the calendar. The dates are blank for you to fill in, so you can start it at the beginning of the school year or whenever works for you.

I love this one…the color and watercolor swash has such a beachy vibe.

Beach Inspired School Supplies Journal by Jen Postorino for Minted
Minted Customizable Journals

Initials by Jennifer Postorino

Photo Calendars

I’ve been a designer with Minted and also a Minted customer for years and I only just now realized that you can actually choose a starting month for their customized photo calendars. So if you want to use one for the academic year instead of waiting until January, you can totally do it. This blue and green hand lettering is perfection.

Painted Script Custom Photo Calendar by Althea and Ruth for Minted

Painted Script by Althea and Ruth

Personalized Stationery

Personal stationery makes a great gift for your student going away to college. And if you want to really encourage them to drop you a note in the mail once in a while, you can add some coordinating postage so there’s really no excuse for not writing! (Also, custom postage is just a super cute touch.) Fall and the start of school is also a great time to stock up on or refresh your personal stationery stash. I have notecards on hand at all times for thank you notes and enclosures for birthday gifts, etc. Minted’s stationery comes packaged in a gift box, which is nice for storage or giving as a gift.

Beach Inspired Palm Leaves Personal Stationery by Four Wet Feet Studio for Minted
Tropical Love Stamps by Elly for Minted

Palm Leaves Stationery by Four Wet Feet Studio
Tropical Love Stamps by Elly


My Minted designer friends took nautical/beach/maritime to a new level with kids’ sticker and label designs. These are great for labeling food containers, sports bottles, clothing, etc. I can’t pick a favorite from so many good designs, but bonus points for making sharks look so cute!

Shark Chase Beach Inspired Personalized Labels by Ava Thomson for Minted

Shark Chase by Ava Thomson

The Little Artist Shelf

This one isn’t beach related, but The Little Artist Shelf is really sweet for displaying and hanging all that awesome artwork that comes home from school this year. They come in three sizes and a handful of finishes. I am a big fan of anything white wash, which is the color shown here.

The Little Artist Display Shelves by Minted

I hope these beach inspired school supplies gave you some ideas and motivation for heading back to school! Let me know which are your favorites in the comments.

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