Paperless Online Wedding Invitations

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This may come as a shock to anyone who knows how much I love pretty paper and traditional snail mail, but I’m also a fan of email invitations. I know, it’s something of an oxymoron, but hear me out. It’s true, I love getting an invitation or announcement in the mail. I like having something […]

5 Customizable Planners for 2020

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Fun fact about me–around December 1st or so, I start obsessing about my calendar for the upcoming year. It probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone that I like a paper calendar (no digital versions for this girl). I’ve tried a few different ones over the years and put together a short list of […]

Customizable Planners for 2020

2019 Year in Review

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How has another year gone by? Not to sound like the old fogey in the room, but seriously, the older I get, the faster time flies. 2019 was such a challenging year for me. The biggest and most significant struggle for me personally was losing my mom over the summer. Losing anyone you love is […]

2019 Year in Review

How to Save Time and Money on Holiday Cards

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Thanksgiving is late this year, which means means Christmas will creep up on us faster than usual. Time will fly once we clear the dinner plates on turkey day. You still have plenty of time to order your holiday cards, but if you’re looking for ways to speed up the process and save a few […]

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My Navy Autumn Wedding Invitations


This month, my husband and I are celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it. So much has happened in that time, yet it feels like we were just planning everything yesterday. I vividly remember so many details and how hard we worked at making the day our own. We get compliments to this […]

My Wedding Invitations

The Perks of a Minted More Membership

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I’m pretty sure if you’ve spent even 30 seconds on my site, you already know that I’m a stationery and paper addict. Yes, I design pretty paper goods, invitations, holiday cards, etc. but I’m also a consumer. I spend a decent chunk of change on birthday cards, thank you notes and wrapping paper each year. […]