2019 Holiday Photo Cards

2019 Holiday Photo Cards

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I’m happy I gave October a little time to settle in before I rolled right into holiday. Such is the life of a designer of Christmas-y things. I’ll jump back to fall in my next post, I promise. But today I’m excited to share with you my 2019 holiday photo cards and Christmas card collection. If it seems like I design for the holidays all year long, it’s because I pretty much do. The only time I’m not designing for the holiday season is during the holiday season. Kind of crazy, right? Retailers seem to ask for designs earlier and earlier, though, so at some point holiday may actually lap itself. Ha!

Each year my holiday collection gets bigger and (hopefully!) better. This year I have designs with my longstanding retailers—Minted, Simply to Impress, Photo Affections and Postable—along with a few designs for the Ink Cards app. Here’s a peek along with links on where to find the full assortments. (I’m personally partial to the pet/pun combo card, but I’d love to know which is your fave!)

Joy to the World Christmas Photo Card

“Joy in Everything” for Photo Affections

Holiday Pet Photo Card

“It’s a Wonder-FUR Life” for Minted

This is Joy modern holiday photo card

“This is Joy” for Minted

Don’t forget that Minted sells custom postage to match your holiday cards! This plaid monogram design matches my “This is Joy” card (above).

Mongram Postage stamps

“This is Joy” monogram postage for Minted

See my full holiday collections:  Minted / Simply to Impress / Photo Affections / Postable

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