Terracotta Color Palette Inspiration


It’s crazy that we are at the end of October and Halloween is already upon us. But here we are, in full autumn mode. My flip flops and tanks are all tucked away and my scarves and boots are on deck. I’m hoping the crisp, light-jacket weather sticks around for a bit before we are […]

Terracotta Orange Color Palette Inspiration

Modern Wedding Inspiration Mood Board


There is so much going on around here at the moment. I’m getting ready to introduce you to my 2019 holiday card collection in the next few weeks, but I’ve also started working on new designs for 2020 (I know, it’s so early!). And, the Minted wedding challenge is about to launch at any moment. […]

Modern Wedding Inspiration

Fall Color Palettes for a Coastal Wedding


For this week’s inspiration, I’m sharing five of my favorite fall color palettes for your coastal wedding or event. Most people instinctively think of summer when they think of a beach wedding, but lots of couples plan their celebrations in the off-season when the air is a little cooler and the beaches aren’t jam-packed. At […]