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Over the Moon New Baby Gift Box

I recently received an inquiry from a student working on an assignment for an art class. She needed to interview a professional designer and asked if I’d mind answering a few questions for her. I was more than happy to, because, well, I’ve been doing this design thing for long enough now to actually have some valuable advice to share, but I also like to encourage creativity and remind people that a creative profession is an excellent choice if that’s where their passion lies.

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Personalized Gift Stamps

I’ve been working like mad behind-the-scenes since launching my shop this summer. I have so many new ideas in the works and I’m just bursting to share it all. But there is a ton of work to be done – ironing out new ideas, designing and producing them, determining pricing, photographing and then finally getting it all in the shop. It takes weeks before I’m ready to launch each design. So introducing something new at this point was (maybe) not the best timing, but I felt pretty strongly about making it happen in time for the holiday season, so there you have it. Self-induced madness at it’s finest. Continue Reading →

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Holiday Cards 2016: Postable

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It’s almost that time of year again…time to start thinking about your holiday cards! Can you believe it? I feel like I was just starting a new calendar and making plans for 2016. Now, here it is, almost October, and before you know it, we’ll be changing the calendar once again. I won’t bombard you with too much Christmas just yet, but I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of my holiday card lineup. Continue Reading →

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Mood Board: Modern Love

mood :  modern / dreamy / sophisticated
palette :  black / bone / champagne

This month I’ve been working on new gift designs for the shop. Starting a new project is a challenge for me since I tend to get overwhelmed with ideas and sometimes have trouble staying focused on my end goal. My mood boards not only inspire me, but they also keep me on track. It should be noted that they aren’t always this pretty. Sometimes they are just a messy Pinterest board or random tear sheets covering my workspace. Nonetheless, they usually get the juices flowing and help me create a cohesive design with more purpose than I would have if I went straight to the drawing board (or in most cases, the computer).

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