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Modern Photo Birth Announcements

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When I sat down to write this post, I started thinking about the last birth announcement I had for sale at Minted. I couldn’t remember, so I looked back through my submissions to check. It has been five years since I last had a winner in this one! Granted, I wasn’t submitting regularly for a bit and I do have a holiday birth announcement that has had a pretty long run, but still…it’s been a while. That makes getting three Editor’s Picks in this year’s challenge even sweeter. I’m so happy to introduce these new modern photo birth announcements, now available at

Minimal, modern multi photo birth announcement

Side Tab may have been my favorite submission in this challenge, because it’s everything I love…simple, clean design with a twist. I’ve had a thing for running type in different directions for a while now. I like adding the unexpected to an otherwise simple design. This started as a single photo design and Minted requested it as a multi-photo. I kind of love the end result.

Minimal, modern photo birth announcement

Is there anything I don’t love about a freeform, chalky script typeface?! I don’t think so. Signature Script is a pretty minimal design with a single, full-bleed photo and baby’s name in that beautiful font scrawled across the top.

Minimal, modern multi photo birth announcement

Confession: I originally designed Warm Welcome for the Minted grad challenge in 2019. Yep, that’s right, sometimes I “recycle” designs. Here’s the thing–I design a LOT of stationery. There are good designs that don’t make the cut in one category, but fill the bill in another. Instead of giving up on them, I try and give them another shot when I can. I felt strongly about this one and am thrilled it found a home in the baby category.

Lots of people are speculating there will be a baby boom after Covid. I’m ready for it. Let’s start announcing those new babes!

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