A Day Trip to Grounds for Sculpture NJ

A Day Trip to Grounds for Sculpture NJ

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This weekend, my cousin and I took a day trip to Grounds for Sculpture–an art park and arboretum in Hamilton, NJ. I had heard good things about it over the years and had always wanted to go, but somehow just never got around to taking the drive. I’m so glad I accepted my cousin’s invite to head out there for the day. Guys, it is incredible! If you are an artist, designer or anyone who appreciates art and nature in equal parts, you have to go. It will inspire you and leave you in awe.

The day was an absolute gem for New Jersey in August. It probably hit 80 degrees, but with zero humidity and a cool breeze, it was comfortable to walk around. Part of the beauty of the grounds, though, is the incredible greenery and abundance of places to find a shady spot to rest, even on a warmer day. Just make sure you wear comfy shoes. There are 42 acres(!) of grounds to explore.

Grounds for Sculpture Day Trip

‘The Chamber of Internal Dialogue’ by Seward Johnson

The Exhibits

My favorite exhibits were the life size 3D renditions of famous paintings. This one is, of course, based on Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’. I absolutely love this photo, though, in hindsight, the screamer giving me the side eye is a bit unsettling.

Then we stepped into a painting by Renoir. (‘The Luncheon of the Boating Party’). This is a sculpture and it’s amazing!

Grounds for Sculpture NJ

‘Were You Invited?’ by Seward Johnson

I’m a big fan of anything modern like these next pieces.

Grounds for Sculpture Day Trip

‘Entwined III’ by Alexander Liberman

Modern Design Inspiration

‘Garden State’ by Isaac Witkin

Ground for Sculpture Day Trip

‘Relative’ by Frederick Morante

If you visit, plan to have lunch or dinner at Rat’s, the on-site restaurant. The building sits along a lily pond that replicates Giverny, where Claude Monet painted his famous Impressionist masterpieces. They even included that famous little bridge. The food is good and French-inspired, of course.

Grounds for Sculpture Lily Pond

We’re already planning our next trip because there is so much to see and it’s hard to cover it all in one visit. If you live here in NJ or you’re visiting the area, you should definitely put the Grounds for Sculpture on your must-see list. If you’ve already been, let me know what your favorite exhibit was in the comments so I can put it on my list for next time!

Learn more about the pieces featured here:

‘The Chamber of Internal Dialogue’ by Seward Johnson;
‘Were You Invited?’ by Seward Johnson;
‘Entwined III’ by Alexander Liberman;
‘Garden State’ by Isaac Witkin;
‘Relative’ by Frederick Morante

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