Neutral Stationery Flatlay Photos

Feb 27, 2019

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Neutral Stationery Flatlay

January was a little quiet on the blog, but, trust me, I have not been slacking off. I designed a ton of stationery last month, including graduation announcements and wedding invitations—two significant categories for the design side of my business—and I launched a new bundle of neutral stationery flatlay photos, now available in my shop. To say this was a big undertaking for me—TWENTY flatlay mockups in all, plus two free bonus images for my email subscribers—would be an understatement. But I managed to pull it off and could not be happier with the resulting images.

These are the first images I’ve created since my initial holiday bundle, so you will probably notice the neutral palettes and the minimalism in the styling. This is my intention for all images going forward. It’s important to me that the mockups work with different design styles, but also that the designs themselves shine and don’t have to compete with a lot of props and colors. I’m not a fan of too many props because I find it sooo distracting. The work should always be the star of the show, in my opinion, and the background should pale in comparison.

Like all my photos, these were created with Photoshop smart objects, so it’s super easy to add your design. There are (17) A7-sized mockups and (3) A2-sized in the bundle.

Neutral Stationery Flatlay
Neutral Stationery Flatlay
Neutral Stationery Flatlay

You can shop the images in my Creative Market shop. The bundle is by far the best deal, but the single images are also available if you only need one or two. 

You can also check out some of my flatlay images “in the wild”, at #stationerystockshop on Instagram. So. Much. Pretty.


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