How to Save Time and Money on Holiday Cards

How to Save Time and Money on Holiday Cards

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Thanksgiving is late this year, which means means Christmas will creep up on us faster than usual. Time will fly once we clear the dinner plates on turkey day. You still have plenty of time to order your holiday cards, but if you’re looking for ways to speed up the process and save a few dollars while doing it, I’m here to help! Today I’m sharing ten ways to save time and money on holiday cards.

Get Organized

1 . First tip: organize and save addresses with a service like Postable. Up until a few years ago, I was using a printed spreadsheet from our wedding as our master address list, which works fine until someone moves mid-year and I forget to update the list or worse, can’t even find it. Postable makes it easy to keep up with addresses and gives you the ability to ask friends and family for their current info. via a custom link. Super helpful.

2 . Go a step further and have someone else do the mailing for you. If you order cards through Postable or Simply to Impress, you can have them do the tedious work of addressing, stamping and mailing for you. It’s kind of genius and a huge time saver.

3 . If you prefer doing the envelope stuffing and mailing yourself (some of us enjoy these things), you can still shave a little time off the process by having addresses pre-printed on your envelopes. Lots of card companies offer this service, including Postable, Simply to Impress and Minted.

Go Digital

4 . Sending digital holiday cards is a two-for because it will save you both time and money. Here’s the thing. I love getting tangible holiday cards—I enjoy getting the pretty envelopes in the mail, seeing those cute family pics and displaying them for the season— but I can also appreciate the practicality of using a digital greeting service like Paperless Post or Greenvelope.

Warm Christmas Wishes by Snow and Ivy for Greenvelope

Timing is everything

5 . Start early. Like now. You can take advantage of better sales by ordering early and some sites (Minted, for one) will let you order early to take advantage of a discount and then add your photo later.

6 . Or start late. Sometimes the longer you wait, the better the deals, but you run the risk of your cards not arriving before Christmas. Think about maybe sending New Year’s or even Valentine’s Day greetings instead. You may also have the added bonus of your card not getting lost in a sea of other greetings.

Other Tips

7 . I shared this tip a few weeks ago, but it bears repeating because it’s a pretty sweet deal. Sign up for a Minted More subscription and you’ll save 30% on your holiday cards, PLUS get a year-long discount and a box of stationery goodies.

Minted More subscription box

8 . Revisit your holiday card list, and, dare I say it, scale back. It’s simple math. A shorter list equals less cards, less postage and less time spent all around. It’s okay to not send a card to everyone you know. I promise.

9 . Consider an alternate format or smaller sized cards. Many companies offer alternatives to the 5×7 size which can bring down the price. Minted also offers postcards (which saves postage, too!) and their new all-in-one format which costs a little less per card than the traditional sizes.

Minted All-in-One Folded Holiday Cards

Christmas Waltz All-in-One Card by Jula Paper Co. for Minted

10 . Check out more affordable card sites like Photo Affections, Pippa and Zazzle. They offer some beautiful designs and quality printing for less than some of the other sites with higher price tags.

Red Joy to the World holiday photo card by Sandra Picco Design available at

Joy in Everything photo card by Sandra Picco for Photo Affections

Every stationery site will be running discounts on holiday cards from now until the new year, so you can definitely take advantage of the savings. Here are links to the retailers mentioned here:

Simply to Impress
Photo Affections

Happy shopping!

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