A New Look and 2020 Updates

A New Look and 2020 Updates

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Somehow we’ve made it to August, friends, and it’s been absolute crickets here on the blog. At the end of 2019, one of my goals was to post more often, but then 2020 happened and, well, need I say more? I’m not sure how time still passes so quickly when you’re mostly stuck in your house, but it does. I’m popping in today with a quick update and a mini reboot before I blink again and it’s fall.

What better way to hit restart than with a new brand and an updated website?! Let me start by saying I have revamped and tweaked my logo many times over the years and it never felt quite right. (As a designer, I can’t begin to tell you how hard it is to design for yourself!) 2020 has brought it’s challenges, for sure, but somehow it’s also given me a fresh eye and the opportunity to really focus, especially when it comes to my brand and my business. Because I design for different licensees, occasions, etc., it can be tough to stick to a single aesthetic and sometimes I worry my brand can be confusing. I wanted it to be neutral and timeless, but still reflect my overall style which is clean, modern and fresh. The new logo and brand, the website…all of it finally feels like home.Sandra Picco Design Brand

Sandra Picco Design Logo Mug

Sandra Picco Design Website

I’ve also been working like mad on new designs, including the 2020 holiday collection (yes, sorry, but holiday will be launching before you know it!) and some new products which I’m pretty excited about. Follow me over on Instagram for some sneak peeks and check back in on the blog for all the details.

Hang in there everyone and stay well!